Toy Hunting at Indoor Playground with Toys from Toys”R”Us

Toy Hunting at Indoor Playground with Toys from Toys”R”Us

Disclaimer: We were not paid to make this video, but the toys were provided to us for free by Toys”R”Us.

Imagine that 12 wrapped gifts were hidden around Busfabriken indoor playground, and that you got to go on a toy hunt to find the gifts. Sounds exciting, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us. Watch as we search this indoor play area for the hidden gifts and make sure to watch the end of the video when we unwrap the gifts to find out what’s inside.

The toys in this video come from Toys”R”Us. Check out their Nordic Youtube channels:


This is Busfabriken indoor play center in Norrköping, Sweden.

Indoor playground fun for family and kids.



Family Playlab says:

Answers to some common questions:

Question: Why did the boys get boy toys and the girl get girl toys?
Answer: When they found the hidden toys they placed them all in one big pile. Before they opened the gifts we sorted them among the kids depending on their preferences.

Question: Was it staged so that they knew where to look?
Answer: No, they didn't know at all where the gifts were hidden. The kids had to search for all gifts and they found all but one, which we had to give a hint for. It also might look staged as we edited out long sections where they looked in the wrong places. It would have been rather boring to watch all footage when they searched in wrong places.

Question: Why did you use toys from Toys"R"Us, when they are out of business?
Answer: The U.S. branch of Toys"R"Us has closed, but the brand lives on in other parts of the world, like for instance in Scandinavia, where this video was produced.

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